February 4, 2016

Portal Knights - Opening the Gateway

Crafting. World building. Sandbox adventure. Whatever your term of choice, ever since Minecraft exploded onto the scene in 2009, it’s clear that this massive new genre is here to stay — with each new title bringing ever-increasing diversity...


October 22, 2015

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons — The Long Journey to Mobile

In August 2013, 505 Games, in partnership with Josef Fares and Starbreeze Studios, released Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons — a dark fairytale about two brothers searching for the cure to save their ailing father. For Josef, it was a deeply personal...


October 9, 2015

Battle Islands Deploys on Xbox One

Commanders! This order comes from up high. Straight from the top. Battle Islands has released on Xbox One, and we need you to play it! Battle Islands Xbox One Edition comes packed with features to take advantage of the Xbox One’s hardware, but...

October 7, 2015

Team Gotham's The Guest Made Us Feel Claustrophobic and We Loved It

As soon as we saw The Guest we knew it was something special. Waking up as Dr. Evgueni Leonov in a rundown hotel room, trapped in a unique prison that would drive anyone mad brought us both claustrophobia and excitement. When we talked to Team Gotham,...

August 27, 2015

How to Survive PAX

PAX Prime is here! Games, cosplay, and an all around good time awaits, but you better prepare, else you might perish in the crowd. Here’s some quick survival tips for PAX Prime 2015. Leg Protection Iron sheets and tire straps might be a bit too...

August 12, 2015

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Out Now on PS4 and Xbox One

Two brothers who previously lost their mother now must embark on an emotional adventure to save their ailing father. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is one of our favorite games, and we’re excited to once again travel with the brothers on their journey....

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